Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Sad Goodbye

Well friends, after over a year of intermittently trying to make this work, I have come to the sad conclusion that my other responsibilities (full time teacher with at risk youth, parent of three) do not allow me to devote the time I need to this radio program.  I'm even late in putting this notice up as there hasn't been a show in three weeks and a real, play listed show in longer than that.  To be honest, I wasn't having fun anymore either.  Listening to music had become a chore.  I found I was listening to music for the show all the time.  While I love much of that music, I have many other musical tastes as well.  Well I was in a mellower mood, I couldn't listen to bluegrass or indie rock, because I was always prepping for the next episode.  I'm so glad I have had this opportunity, and thank you for rocking along with me.  Over my summer break I will attempt to archive the last of my episodes.  Thanks so much to Ryno for letting me try this venture and for his graciousness every time I had to step away from it.  Tune in to his show on Friday nights for some excellent Creative Commons music.  Thanks to Craig Maloney who does the Open Metalcast (can be found on iTunes), who opened my eyes to CC music, who put me in touch with Ryno, and who has always supported the show.  Thanks to all the bands I interviewed and those who worked hard to get an interview together to have it fall through.  Thanks to Mel Arise and the rest of Santa Marta Golden for providing the theme song for the show, for a great interview, and for being true supporters.  Thanks to all of you whom I don't know, but who have diligently listened and supported the show.  Keep supporting your local and underground scenes!