Friday, September 12, 2014

Episode 30 - Gilead Media Fest Interview: Oozing Wound

Airs at 8 pm Eastern time (USA) on Monday, September 15th on

This summer I was able to attend one of the most incredible live music events of my life, namely the Gilead Media Fest.  On my companion website, found here, I'll be posting my day-by-day thoughts of the weekend in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, so here I'll just say that I had an awesome time.  I interviewed 10 bands in 9 interviews (Thou and The Body who had been touring together and performing a collaborative set together, chose to be interviewed together).  I plan to run these interviews once a week until I get through them all.  In addition, there is the potential for at least 3 more interviews spawning from this event.  A huge thanks to Adam Bartlett who set the weekend up and runs one of the best metal labels around.  If you are not familiar with Gilead Media, check them out.  Adam does things quality every time.

One issue with most of the interviews is that the bands interviewed release their music under full copyright.  As such, I can't play their music on the air.  Instead, I'll post links for you to check them out.  Here are some for Oozing Wound:

Here is a video from the Oozing Wound song "Call Your Guy"

Now on to the playlist for the week:
  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00 
  2. Voyage Of Aodh by Bakken from The First Wave: Irish Metal Compilation  CC - BY - NC - ND 3:53 
  3. One Step to the Grave by ALCOHOLIC DISASTER from Irrumabo vos, et pedicabo vos  CC - BY - NC - ND  11:35 
  4. I Choose Who Bleeds by Flatline from Intoxicated Vol.2  CC - BY - NC - ND  16:33 
  5. Lords of War by ADVERMIX from GATES TO TRANSYLVANIA  CC - BY - NC - ND  24:49 
  6. Conviccion Salvaje by ApócryphA from Metal-Libre (Compilation Vol.3)  CC - BY - NC - SA  30:48 
  7. Fatal Mistakes by CURIOSITY from Relief  CC - BY - NC - ND  36:08 
  8. Eutanasia Pasiva by Arma Mater from Arma Mater 2010  CC - BY - NC - SA  41:52 
  9. Histoire de grouin by David TMX from Pouce !  CC - BY - NC - SA  45:25 
  10. Biowar by BloodeviL from Promo 2012  CC - BY - ND  48:50 
  11. Oozing Wound Interview from the Gilead Media Fest  53:50
  12. Slay Your Stalker by Death Tide from The Fury Grenade  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:07:21 
  13. Here comes the night by Downfall from Downfall  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:13:37 
  14. The Great Old One by CAUTIVA from Human  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:19:33 
  15. Eulerian Path by Anagnorisis from Beyond All Light  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:25:01 
  16. Gaoler's Whip by Banewreaker from Banewreaker  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:32:38 
  17. Condition humana by Ancst from split w/ Smuteční Slavnost  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:35:28 
  18. The Pecan Tree by deafheaven from Sunbather  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:38:03 
  19. Black flag over our fortress by axidance from the road breathes cold (tape) 2010  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:49:29 
  20. 3,380 Pounds by Cara Neir from Portals to a Better, Dead World  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:55:43 
  21. Hurricane by Psygnosis from Human Be[ing]  CC - BY  2:06:15  
  22. Sacrament - All Is Sorrow Pt 4 by Catapult The Dead from All Is Sorrow  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:20:17 
  23. In Thy Name / Hell's Insanity by Protestant from In Thy Name  CC - BY - NC  2:25:15 
  24. Dead as Dreams by Grst from Fire Therein  CC - BY  2:29:43 
  25. Of Grandest Majesties by Petrychor from Effigies and Epitaphs  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:48:49 
I hope you enjoy.  Remember, these bands are hardworking, and there's no money in metal unless your band name is Metallica.  Help them continue to make music by spreading the word, buying merch and music, and going to shows.  Until next week, Hayduke!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Episode 29 - Santa Marta Golden Interview

Here we go again!  I've had a crazy fun summer that included an exceptionally cool music festival (Gilead Media Fest), a total of 3 weeks of camping (one of which was in a pretty remote area where I woke up to a wolf in the campsite one morning...very cool!), and (not so cool) a significant computer issue which put this project on hold until I could get a new computer, transfer all my music over, etc.  I have interviews with ten different bands from Gilead Fest to play in the coming weeks, but this week, I finally have an interview with Mel Arise, the lead singer of lyric writer for Santa Marta Golden.  As I use their song Yi as my theme song every week, I think this is a pretty important one.  It turned out to be a pretty good interview too, in spite of the fact that I can only speak one language and english is the weakest of her three languages.  Thanks Mel for such a great interview!  Before I ramble on too much, here is the playlist:
  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00 
  2. Feast by Arroyo Deathmatch from Through the Fear of It  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:27 
  3. Eternal Treblinka by Avvika from S/T 12"  CC - BY - NC - SA  7:50 
  4. Obsessive Compulsive by The Bad Days Will End from Detournement  CC - BY - NC - SA  27:28 
  5. Rien qu'une Vie by Bolchoï from S/T  CC - BY - NC - SA  30:59 
  6. Stacking Bills by Corporate Hearts from Deathwishers EP  CC - BY - NC - ND  34:18 
  7. [Уб]люди by D'Omen from Demo  CC - BY - NC - SA  37:52 
  8. The Nature of the Game by Damn Broads from CC - BY - NC - ND  41:10 
  9. If You Want To Die by Grimoff from Twisted Games  CC - BY - SA  42:47 
  10. 4000 ° Kelvin by Spiralmountain from ... And Embers Crash Like Hail  CC - BY - NC - ND  48:53 
  11. Héroe by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  53:01 
  12. Interview with Mel Arise from Santa Marta Golden  57:14
  13. Vacío by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:12:54 
  14. Mutiny by Rail Yard Ghosts from Blackgrass  CC - BY - ND  1:17:16 
  15. Diabolus ex Machina, Angelus ex Nihilo, Omnia Phantasia by Walden's Edge from Canti della Divina Agonia  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:21:49 
  16. Pussy Riot's Revenge/The Sow Is Mine by Black Cohosh from Live at the Zoo  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:28:36 
  17. Lépj Tovább by Obsidian Shell from In Noxa Est  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:40:37 
  18. To Walk Among Serpents by Steamforged from Fractured Singularity  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:45:28 
  19. Retrospect - All Is Sorrow Pt 5 by Catapult The Dead from All Is Sorrow  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:50:14 
  20. Theatre of Forms by Odradek Room from Bardo Relative Reality  CC - BY - NC  1:58:48 
  21. Through the Forest, to the Shore by All The Empires Of The World from Sunscraper  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:07:16 
  22. Condition humana by Ancst from split w/Smuteční Slavnost  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:14:40 
  23. Dirt Between The Tiles by Cara Neir from Split with Flesh Born  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:16:45 
  24. Entre descansos by Cementerio from LUNA HIENA  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:19:36 
  25. saccharine by Dakhma from s/t  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:24:04 
  26. Re Vera, The Gulf is Voiceless; or the Lucidity Polymer by Arkhum from 24 Hours  CC - BY  2:28:35 
  27. Masterful Wroth by Banewreaker from Banewreaker  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:38:18 
  28. environmental rape by BLUDGEONED from no future for mankind  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:41:23 
  29. Once Again I am Defeated by Cursed Altar from The Light Shall Die  CC - BY - NC  2:48:17 
  30. Četvrti element by Govor from Lucifer  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:49:08 
  31. Threat Inflation by Iskra from Self-Titled (Re-Issue)  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:53:43 
  32. Battle For Humanity by Nutrition from Hyperdimensional Awakening EP  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:58:57 
Thanks for listening.  Remember to support underground and local metal, punk, hardcore, etc.  Coming soon:  Gilead interviews, a Gilead write-up, hopefully another Blackened Friday feature the day after Thanksgiving, and my year end best of show.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Episode 28 - Hypnotic Dirge Feature Part 1

Due to technical details, this playlist is still missing times and isn't linked yet.  I'm posting it now so you can see what's playing tonight and will fix ASAP.

As of today, 8/29/2014, all links are active.  I will be uploading and posting a link to the archived version of the episode, as well as writing a blog with information regarding the near future of the show later tonight (I hope).  Good things are coming.  Thanks for your patience through my technical difficulties.

This week I am taking a look the netlabel Hypnotic Dirge Records, specifically the artists and albums featured on their Bandcamp page.  I've chosen one song from each album (more if the album was a split so that each band is represented) so that you can have a taste of the label.  I made it about halfway through the roster, so there will likely be at least one more episode with later albums coming soon.  Next week however, I'll be taking a different tack as I build an episode around an interview I (finally) managed to complete with Mel Arise, the lead singer of the band Santa Marta Golden.  As they start almost every one of my shows with the song Yi, I've really been wanting to get this one done.
  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00 
  2. Blashyrkh Mighty Ravendark (Immortal Tribute) by Funeral in Heaven from Shanthikarma [Live EP ; 2010]  CC - BY - SA  2:27
  3. Shadows Ensnare Me by Winds of Sorrow from Through Twilight...  CC - BY - NC  7:31 
  4. 11.9 by Ekove Efrits from Hypermnesia  CC - BY - NC  15:01 
  5. Cast into the Shade by Deprived of Light from Coloured Death  CC - BY - NC  20:21 
  6. green jade by stroszek from a break in the day EP  CC - BY - NC  26:24 
  7. Oceans of Piss and Blood by Galaktik Cancer Squad from The Gathering  CC - BY - NC  30:55 
  8. Shadows Ensnare Me by Élan O'Neal from Subterranean Cartography  CC - BY - NC  37:41 
  9. Permafrost by Truthseeker from Weightless at Dawn  CC - BY - NC  45:11 
  10. I by Depicting Abysm from Silentium!  CC - BY - SA  52:18 
  11. VI by Windbruch from Silentium!  CC - BY - SA  1:03:28 
  12. IX by Gmork from Silentium!  CC - BY - SA  1:09:18 
  13. Spine by Australasia from Sin4tr4  CC - BY - NC  1:13:49 
  14. Enter the Void by netra ft. We'rewolves from Dreading Consciousness  CC - BY - NC  1:18:08 
  15. Into the Heart of Night by Obsidian Tongue from Volume I: Subradiant Architecture  CC - BY - NC  1:25:11 
  16. Binaural Vibrancy by Astral Luminous from Lunaric Tide  CC - BY - NC  1:34:38 
  17. Never Let a Flower Adorn my Grave by Funeral Fornication from Solitude and Suicide  CC - BY - NC  1:47:10 
  18. Neath the Oppressing Moonlight by Exiled From Light from Descending Further into Nothingness  CC - BY - NC  1:59:49 
  19. Five Birds Defied the Winds by Old Forgotten Lands from Equinox  CC - BY - NC  2:08:33 
  20. And Silence Finally Prevails... by Ancient Tundra from Equinox  CC - BY - NC  2:15:28 
  21. As I Remember by Symbiosis from These Engulfing Winds Never Die  CC - BY - NC  2:22:32 
  22. The Essence Of Hope, Drained by Exiled From Light from There Is No Beauty Left Here...   CC - BY - NC  2:25:58 
  23. Esperit Nosible by The Foetal Mind from The Grand Contraction  CC - BY - NC  2:39:44 
  24. Outside...Alone by netra from Mélancolie urbaine  CC - BY - NC  2:46:40 
  25. Transgression Pt. II : Ad Mortem by Funeral Fornication from Pandemic Transgression  CC - BY - NC 2:55:54 
Thanks for listening.  I know this was a different kind of episode with some music I don't normally play, but I wanted to give you a fuller picture of the label.  Check them out here.  They have more available than just what's on their Bandcamp including a distribution deal with a Russian label.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Episode 27 - Filthy and Sludgy

I've run into a time crunch putting this episode together due to some issues with my computer that may or may not be fully worked out.  I was working on an episode featuring Hypnotic Dirge Records, but complications make that impossible for tonight.  Instead, working mostly with tracks already uploaded to the station's server and the first Creative Commons release by NOLA band Thou (who I get to see at the Gilead Media Fest this summer), I'm doing a Sludge/Doom episode with a special look at that Thou release.  Due to my complications, there will not be talking between songs this week.  I hope you enjoy and hope I'll be more fully functional by next week.
  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00 
  2. Here I Stand Head in Hands by Thou from Ceremonies of Humiliation  CC - BY  2:27
  3. The Fall by Abest from Demo MMXII  CC - BY - NC - ND  10:25
  4. The Defeatist's Lament by Thou from Ceremonies of Humiliation  CC - BY  15:50
  5. Muerte por omniscencia by Cementerio from LUNA HIENA  CC - BY - NC - ND  18:39
  6. Fleur du Mal by Thou from Ceremonies of Humiliation  CC - BY  21:07
  7. Bruto Mecánico by Los Cuatrocientos Golpes from Bruto Mecánico  CC - BY - NC - SA 27:20
  8. Mizar by March The Desert from March The Desert  CC - BY - NC - SA 31:39
  9. Loneliness Dances in the Gorgon's Stare by Thou from Ceremonies of Humiliation  CC - BY  38:05
  10. Grim Reaper by DOLMENN from I  CC - BY - NC - SA 46:40
  11. Don't Vote by Thou from Ceremonies of Humiliation  CC - BY  55:54
  12. Valkyries Ride by Amattr from Black Dawn  CC - BY - NC - SA 58:54
  13. Shorties with MP40s: The Personal is Political by Thou from Ceremonies of Humiliation  CC - BY 1:04:13 
  14. 1936 by TREITUM from 1936 CC - BY - NC - ND  1:11:11
  15. Necropolis (City of the Dead) by Morgue of Saints from Monolith  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:21:29
  16. I am the Leviathan by Thou from Ceremonies of Humiliation  CC - BY  1:31:48
  17. A Thousand Nails by Aathma from The Call of Shivà  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:37:19
  18. House of Leaves by Sarin from House of Leaves  CC - BY - ND  1:47:59
  19. Rats and Mice and Swarms of Lice by Thou from Ceremonies of Humiliation  CC - BY  1:53:50
  20. Antimatter by Melmak from The Only Vision Of All Gods  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:59:48
  21. Smoke Pigs by Thou from Ceremonies of Humiliation  CC - BY  2:07:10  
  23. Death Descends by kurouma from Untitled (4)  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:19:51
  24. The Song of Illuminate Darkness by Thou from Ceremonies of Humiliation  CC - BY  2:30:33
  25. Labyrinths of Stone by Garüda from Labyrinths of Stone  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:42:51
  26. Tir_Na_Nogth by Lefthander from Condemned  CC - BY - SA  2:51:12
  27. Reprise by Thou from Ceremonies of Humiliation  CC - BY  2:55:43
There you have it.  I wanted to do more justice to Thou by more carefully handpicking the songs to go with their only Creative Commons release, but I was limited in what I could work with this week.  Check them out on tour and/or at the Gilead Media Fest and look for a better Thou episode sometime later (hopefully with some footage of an interview I plan to do with them at Gilead).  Support these other bands too, of course.  Go to shows, buy merch, spread the word.  Until next week...

Monday, June 9, 2014

Episode 26 - deafheaven feature

This week I do a feature about San Francisco Bay area black metal influenced band deafheaven.  Join me in a short journey through their discography, along with some other blackened bands to round things out.
  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano   CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00
  2. Daedalus by deafheaven from demo  CC - BY - NC - ND  4:41
  3. Dead as Dreams by Grst from Fire Therein  CC - BY  10:32
  4. L'Absolution by Verlies from Le Domaine des Hommes  CC - BY - NC  29:37
  5. Exit:Denied by deafheaven from demo  CC - BY - NC - ND  40:19
  6. That Was Truly The Saddest Day by Onde Natur from Cowards  CC - BY - NC - ND  51:46
  7. Our Love, Shrouded By Our Fear Of Dying by Frostbitten from Danse! For Macabre Shall Come  CC - BY - SA   1:00:22
  8. Language Games by deafheaven from Roads To Judah  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:12:30
  9. Subjugated and Abused by Petrychor from Effigies and Epitaphs  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:19:11
  10. Close your eyes for one second - you will not see the light. close for two - you will not see the world by axidance from the road breathes cold (tape) 2010  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:28:27
  11. Tunnel Of Trees by deafheaven from Roads To Judah  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:33:13
  12. Invocation by RAGANA from Unbecoming  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:42:51 
  13. 3,380 Pounds by Cara Neir from Portals to a Better, Dead World  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:45:57
  14. Sunbather by deafheaven from Sunbather  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:58:01
  15. The Matter is Anti-matter by Ekove Efrits from Hypermnesia  CC - BY - NC  2:08:18
  16. A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time by Obsidian Tongue from A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time  CC - BY - NC  2:13:11
  17. Vertigo by deafheaven from Sunbather  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:22:47
  18. Through Twilight... by Funereal from There is no beauty left here  CC - BY - NC  2:37:22
  19. Flatlands by Sannhet from Known Flood  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:44:51
  20. The Pecan Tree by deafheaven from Sunbather  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:48:24
  21. Irresistible by Deafheaven from Sunbather  CC - BY - NC - ND (most of this track is cut at the 3 hour mark of the episode, but will fully play in the archived edition)  2:59:46
I hope you enjoyed this episode.  I had fun putting it together.  There is a lot of my favorite music here.  Remember to support these bands and underground music anyway you can.  One way is to see them live.  You can catch deafheaven live this summer on tour in the US.  Tour dates can be found here.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Episode 25 - Better Late Than Never

Well, I'm back.  I didn't return triumphantly with trumpets blaring, but hopefully some of you caught my return earlier this week on when Episode 25 ran from 8-11 pm Eastern time.  I spent a lot of time choosing the tracks to play, much more than I had been doing in the past, but ran out of time to put together the voice-overs, or even post the playlist.  A couple things to note.  The show now starts at 8 pm Eastern, instead of 9 pm.  This fits my schedule better and should allow me to be in the chat room for more of the show.  Feel free to join me there.  Secondly, I've shortened the show to 3 hours.  I did this because I feel that some of my older episodes ended up with filler songs that were ok, but not really special.  I am attempting to give the best of the best going forward (at least in my opinion).  As always, if you are part of a CC project and want to be played on my show, contact me at  If you are a listener and want to hear something specific, send your requests to the same email.  With that done, here is the playlist from last Monday.  Look for a new episode this Monday.
  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00 
  2. Western Fields by Mordida from End Of Infinity Vol. II  CC - BY - NC - ND 2:27
  3. H.U. Lab Experiment I by Crimson Blue from Innocence  CC - BY  8:11
  4. II by Hourvari from Hourvari - EP  CC - BY - NC - ND  15:59
  5. Pilgrim by Landforge from Servitude to Earth  CC - BY - NC - SA  26:04
  6. Sorrowspell by Funeral Fornication from Hypnotic Dirge 2012/13 | Solipsist Anthems  CC - BY - NC 31:08 
  7. Oaks by Aathma form The Call of Shivà  CC - BY - NC - ND  39:13
  8. Spine by Australasia from Sin4tr4  CC - BY - NC  45:21
  9. A Sombre Moon Through The Black Myst Part 1 by i AM esper from Total Drowning  CC - BY - NC - ND  49:43
  10. ...autumn breathed... by Maestus from Scarlet Lakes  CC - BY - NC - SA  59:50
  11. All That We Lost by Ekove Efrits from Conceptual Horizon  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:16:35
  12. Voices of Redemption by Serpenthia from Let There Be Silence...  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:22:36
  13. All's Lost by RAGANA from All's Lost  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:30:47
  14. Violet by Deafheaven from Roads To Judah  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:34:51
  15. Horizonte by Muerte Por Mil Cortes from Muerte Por Mil Cortes  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:47:02
  16. Phrase 6 by Psygnosis from Human Be[ing]  CC - BY  1:51:22
  17. Imperialist Design by Cara Neir from Stagnant Perceptions  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:03:09
  18. Sunburnt tragedy by Dead Mountain Mouth from Unveil  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:07:54
  19. On the broken rocks of despair by axidance from split w/ заводь (cd/tape) 2011  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:12:48
  20. Masterful Wroth by Banewreaker from Banewreaker  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:22:11
  21. bureval by Iskra from Bureval Demo  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:25:16
  22. Héroe by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:28:54
  23. Assassianate Authority by Project Dekadenz from D​-​DAY APOCALYPSE  CC - BY - NC  2:33:07
  24. Chaos by CRUSTFELDT JAKOB from AGONIA BOVINA  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:35:24
  25. I Steal What I Want by The Armed from These Are lights  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:36:46
  26. Cops by Il Disagio from 3 Songs  CC - BY - SA  2:38:32
  27. La Moda no es mas que una epidemia inducida by Josemaki Grind Orchestra from Indescifrables gritos de frustración misantrópica  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:41:00
  28. No Gender-Just Friends by +HIRS+ from The First 100 Songs  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:41:27
  29. Animal social by Kain from Cuestión de principios  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:41:45
  30. Indigesto by Lama Negra from Planeta Estúpido  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:46:53
  31. Devolution by We Are Guilty from Demo v1.1  CC - BY - NC - SA 2:48:08
  32. Front Lines by Chromatic Dark from Hateballads 2008  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:53:14
Thanks for checking the show out.  Remember to support these bands any time you can.  Here's a link to deafheaven's summer tour plans:  They are fantastic live (I've seen them twice already this year).  If you live in the USA, check them out.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Episode 24 - The Last Episode (For Awhile)

So I have had some good complications come up in my life.  I can't share what they are yet, but I'm happy about them.  Unfortunately, they mean that I'm adding some significant time commitment to an already busy schedule.  I need to find places to cut activities and this show is sadly on the (temporary) chopping block.  My life gets a little easier in the summer time, so it is my hope that I can pick this show back up in mid-June.  Until then, enjoy my last show.  Go back and check out the episodes you missed.  Feel free to email me to talk music.  If you are in a band and releasing under a CC license, feel free to send me music.  I honestly intend for this to be only a temporary hiatus.  Thanks for listening.
  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA 0:00
  2. Nebula by Morgana vs Morgana from Origins II  CC - BY - SA 2:27
  3. Lagash by Alhma Mater from Heuristica  CC - BY - NC 5:26
  4. 1783 by ARPIA from DTM Retrospective  CC - BY - NC - ND 10:43
  5. The Doctrine by Sins of the Watchmen from The Download E.P.  CC - BY - SA 19:04
  6. Arbeit Macht Frei by Peculate from Fiscal Cliffs  CC - BY - NC - SA 26:39
  7. Extinction: Swarming The Sun by Lascaille's Shroud from Interval 01: Parallel Infinities , The Inner Universe  CC - BY - NC - ND 31:39
  8. Frozen Hope by Nihil from Nights of Silence  CC - BY - ND 46:45
  9. Shattered Dreams and Ancient Methods by Ruin of Remembrance from Second World  CC - BY - NC - SA 55:15
  10. Despertar by Posession from Spiritual Sirius  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:00:54
  11. Fulfill (Alternative Sample) by ARCANE SUN from FADE (Unreleased-2000)  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:04:55
  12. Wandermind by Judd Madden from Float  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:10:26
  13. The Untroubled Kingdom of Reason by Nethermost from Alpha CC - BY - NC 1:17:26
  14. Demon of the Fall (Opeth cover) by Akem Manah from Single  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:21:32
  15. DA VINCIS CODE (master) by JALDABOATH from Hark the Herald  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:28:12
  16. For Our Land by Sjuk from Time Has Come...  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:32:16
  17. Eleanor Rigby (Metal Version) by Else from Death Strike  CC - BY - NC - SA 1:38:50
  18. Monos en el Espacio by Anima Adversa from El Sueño de los Justos  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:42:21
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Thanks so much for supporting the show.  I'll try to make as much noise as possible when I come back so you know I'm here.  Feel free to email me for music conversations, etc.