Monday, October 27, 2014

Re-Run: Santa Marta Golden Episode

So, I've had real trouble getting to the show this week.  I'm a high school teacher in my other life and grades are due this week.  Sadly, I do not have a new episode for you.  Instead, I'm re-running the episode where I interview Mel Arise from Santa Marta Golden.  It was on a Tuesday night (not my normal night), so my theory is that some of you may have missed it.  I'll be back next week with an episode centered around an interview with the band Owlfood.  I'm reposting my blog comments as originally written.

Here we go again!  I've had a crazy fun summer that included an exceptionally cool music festival (Gilead Media Fest), a total of 3 weeks of camping (one of which was in a pretty remote area where I woke up to a wolf in the campsite one morning...very cool!), and (not so cool) a significant computer issue which put this project on hold until I could get a new computer, transfer all my music over, etc.  I have interviews with ten different bands from Gilead Fest to play in the coming weeks, but this week, I finally have an interview with Mel Arise, the lead singer of lyric writer for Santa Marta Golden.  As I use their song Yi as my theme song every week, I think this is a pretty important one.  It turned out to be a pretty good interview too, in spite of the fact that I can only speak one language and english is the weakest of her three languages.  Thanks Mel for such a great interview!  Before I ramble on too much, here is the playlist:
  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00 
  2. Feast by Arroyo Deathmatch from Through the Fear of It  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:27 
  3. Eternal Treblinka by Avvika from S/T 12"  CC - BY - NC - SA  7:50 
  4. Obsessive Compulsive by The Bad Days Will End from Detournement  CC - BY - NC - SA  27:28 
  5. Rien qu'une Vie by Bolchoï from S/T  CC - BY - NC - SA  30:59 
  6. Stacking Bills by Corporate Hearts from Deathwishers EP  CC - BY - NC - ND  34:18 
  7. [Уб]люди by D'Omen from Demo  CC - BY - NC - SA  37:52 
  8. The Nature of the Game by Damn Broads from CC - BY - NC - ND  41:10 
  9. If You Want To Die by Grimoff from Twisted Games  CC - BY - SA  42:47 
  10. 4000 ° Kelvin by Spiralmountain from ... And Embers Crash Like Hail  CC - BY - NC - ND  48:53 
  11. Héroe by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  53:01 
  12. Interview with Mel Arise from Santa Marta Golden  57:14
  13. Vacío by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:12:54 
  14. Mutiny by Rail Yard Ghosts from Blackgrass  CC - BY - ND  1:17:16 
  15. Diabolus ex Machina, Angelus ex Nihilo, Omnia Phantasia by Walden's Edge from Canti della Divina Agonia  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:21:49 
  16. Pussy Riot's Revenge/The Sow Is Mine by Black Cohosh from Live at the Zoo  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:28:36 
  17. Lépj Tovább by Obsidian Shell from In Noxa Est  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:40:37 
  18. To Walk Among Serpents by Steamforged from Fractured Singularity  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:45:28 
  19. Retrospect - All Is Sorrow Pt 5 by Catapult The Dead from All Is Sorrow  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:50:14 
  20. Theatre of Forms by Odradek Room from Bardo Relative Reality  CC - BY - NC  1:58:48 
  21. Through the Forest, to the Shore by All The Empires Of The World from Sunscraper  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:07:16 
  22. Condition humana by Ancst from split w/Smuteční Slavnost  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:14:40 
  23. Dirt Between The Tiles by Cara Neir from Split with Flesh Born  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:16:45 
  24. Entre descansos by Cementerio from LUNA HIENA  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:19:36 
  25. saccharine by Dakhma from s/t  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:24:04 
  26. Re Vera, The Gulf is Voiceless; or the Lucidity Polymer by Arkhum from 24 Hours  CC - BY  2:28:35 
  27. Masterful Wroth by Banewreaker from Banewreaker  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:38:18 
  28. environmental rape by BLUDGEONED from no future for mankind  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:41:23 
  29. Once Again I am Defeated by Cursed Altar from The Light Shall Die  CC - BY - NC  2:48:17 
  30. Četvrti element by Govor from Lucifer  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:49:08 
  31. Threat Inflation by Iskra from Self-Titled (Re-Issue)  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:53:43 
  32. Battle For Humanity by Nutrition from Hyperdimensional Awakening EP  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:58:57 
Thanks for listening.  Remember to support underground and local metal, punk, hardcore, etc.  Coming soon:  Gilead interviews, a Gilead write-up, hopefully another Blackened Friday feature the day after Thanksgiving, and my year end best of show.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Episode 35 - Gilead Interview with Geryon

On Saturday at the Gilead Media Fest this past summer, I had the opportunity to see the two piece death metal band Geryon perform.  This has got to be one of the more unique bands that I've seen in that the band has only two members, a bassist and a drummer.  The sound is heavy, brutal, and unique.  In addition, I had the opportunity to interview both members, who turned out to be great guys, insightful about their music and music in general, and more than willing to give a great interview.  As you'll hear, they are both in other bands, including being the rhythm section for the USBM band Krallice.  I apologize that there is some wind noise I was unable to remove.  I think its still well worth the listen.

Geryon Bandcamp
Gilead Media - Geryon
Geryon Facebook


  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00 
  2. Cell That We Bleed In by Armaroth from False Vision EP  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:27 
  3. WAR by Megaptere from Timelines And Coercion  CC - BY - NC - SA  7:23 
  4. I Once Had The Crown by Iron Thrones from The Wretched Sun  CC - BY - NC - ND  14:21 
  5. Deception - Second World by Ruin of Remembrance from Second World  CC - BY - NC - SA  26:05 
  6. Horizonte by Muerte Por Mil Cortes from Muerte Por Mil Cortes  CC - BY - NC - ND  32:37 
  7. I Defy by Slave Zero from The Defiant Stand  CC - BY - NC - ND  36:58 
  8. ...y la sangre llego al rio by Tromort from Per Saecula Saeculorum  CC - BY - NC - ND  40:19 
  9. Madness of Eternity by Cryogenic Implosion from Creation of the New World  CC - BY - NC - SA  45:03 
  10. Every pig into the fire by Dejadeath from ¡¡¡Viva dios!!!  CC - BY - NC - ND  48:29 
  11. The Purge by Leka from Catopia CC - BY - SA  53:14 
  12. Maximum Overkill by Akuma from Under A Killing Moon EP  CC - BY - NC - ND  59:00 
  13. Gigante by Posession from Spiritual Sirius  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:03:01 
  14. Heathen Vengeance by Fenris from Across the Darkened Skies  CC - BY - ND  1:07:08 
  15. Suffocation by Odradek Room from Bardo Relative Reality  CC - BY - NC  1:10:29 
  16. In the Name of... by The Neologist from The Promise of Eternal Separation  CC - BY  1:18:20 
  17. Interview with Geryon at the Gilead Media Fest (2014)  1:23:31 
  18. Procella by Hexis from XI  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:42:40 
  19. Tulsa by DOLMENN from I  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:43:35 
  20. The unmistakable sound by Acherontia from Kings of the World  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:51:12 
  21. Muerte por omnisciencia by Cementerio from LUNA HIENA  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:55:56 
  22. The Awakening by Back To R'lyeh from Awakening / Last Fight of the Primordial  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:58:26 
  23. Adhere by Black Monolith from Passenger  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:07:20 
  24. Water And Fire by Brudywr from Dusk  CC - BY - SA  2:15:36 
  25. Part IV: And Drift Away by The Canyon Observer from Chapter II: These Binds Will Set You Free  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:21:11 
  26. This Last Siren by Cara Neir from Split with Flesh Born  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:28:00 
  27. Banished - The Everlasting Confinement by Frozen Dawn (Single)  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:30:42 
  28. Valencia - All Is Sorrow Pt 3 by Catapult The Dead from All Is Sorrow  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:35:50 
  29. rot by Dakhma from s/t  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:42:53 
  30. Je Suis La Vérité by Distilling Pain from The Silent Collapse  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:44:39 
  31. eco footprints by BLUDGEONED from no future for mankind  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:49:32 
  32. Enemies of life by Diswar from The world in flames  CC - BY - NC  2:53:54 
  33. Heart and mind by DRIP OF LIES from DRIP OF LIES / RIVERS RUN DRY split EP  CC - BY - NC  2:55:55 
I hope you enjoyed this week's episode.  Next week will feature an interview with another Gilead Band (though recorded via Skype this fall) by the name of Owlfood.  Remember to support your local scene.  Buy merch.  Buy music.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Episode 34 - Gilead Interview with Hexer

While at Gilead Fest this past summer, I had an opportunity to interact with and interview members of the shadowy Philadelphia black metal project Hexer.  We are at that point in the Gilead order where its time to play that interview.  In the interview, I speak with Phlegethon and Ansgar, who turn out to be a couple of the coolest people I've met.  I really enjoyed this one and hope you take the time to check out what they do.  Since they don't release under a CC license, I'll post some links for you.  In other news, Rage and Frustration is now being broadcast in a tattoo parlor.  If you're in the West Michigan area, check out the newly opened Lightning Revival Tattoo Company.  Tell them Hayduke sent you.

Hexer Links:

Hexer Bandcamp
Gilead Bandcamp, Hexer Page
Hexer Facebook

  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00 
  2. Delusion VI - Mors putativa by Epitimia from Roads To Judah  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:27 
  3. Tunnel Of Trees by deafheaven from Roads To Judah  CC - BY - NC - ND  7:46 
  4. A Funnel of Silk by Forgotten Cairns from A Funnel of Silk (Single)  CC - BY - NC - SA  17:31 
  5. Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therein (Weakling Cover) by Grst from Fire Therein  CC - BY  23:37 
  6. parasomnia by Dakhma from s/t  CC - BY - NC - ND  33:57 
  7. Clan of Kerr by Anagnorisis from Ghosts of Our Fathers  CC - BY - NC - ND  41:16 
  8. Subjugated and Abused by Petrychor from Effigies and Epitaphs  CC - BY - NC - ND  45:25 
  9. Until every cage will not be empty by axidance from the road breathes cold (tape) 2010  CC - BY - NC - ND  54:44 
  10. B.N.F. by RAGANA from All's Lost  CC - BY - NC - SA  57:32 
  11. Interview with Phlegethon and Ansgar from Hexer at the Gilead Media Fest  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:02:23 
  12. III: Withering Hands Write The Last Sermons Of Peace by Frostbitten from In The Shadows Of Salvation  CC - BY - SA  1:18:52 
  13. L'Absolution by Verlies from Le Domaine des Hommes  CC - BY - NC  1:25:33 
  14. Combine Desecration by Cara Neir from The Overwatch EP  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:34:47 
  15. Broken Backs and Crippled Words by Cursed Altar from The Light Shall Die  CC - BY - NC  1:36:38 
  16. Night and Darkness by Gmork from Nocturne EP  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:38:00 
  17. Bitka na nebu by Govor from Lucifer  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:41:40 
  18. Silent And Rotten by Iprit from Iprit/Desolate Age  CC - BY - NC  1:46:18 
  19. Pukající svět CSS by MARNOST from Pukající svět CSS single  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:51:03 
  20. Foment by Banewreaker from Banewreaker  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:05:50 
  21. Dominus by Aethyr from Ave A  CC – BY – NC – ND   2:10:49 
  22. My Hands Were Made to Hold the Wind by Obsidian Tongue from A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time  CC - BY - NC  2:22:28 
  23. Invisible Wounds by Sannhet from Known Flood  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:30:15 
  24. Kiss Dying for Farewell by Serpenthia from ReAnimated Absurdity  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:35:59 
  25. Illegal by Iskra from European Tour Demo  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:41:20 
  26. The Messages From The Gods by Cathar Eclipse from Deus Ex Hominis  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:45:52 
  27. My Last Breath by Soul Extinction from Lost  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:49:44 
  28. Night (Dendronic Pessimism) by Cicadan from Mother  CC - BY  2:54:35 
That's it for this week.  Shoot me an email at to let me know what you think.  Find me on Facebook.  Check out my larger site.  Remember to support your underground scene.  They are the ones that make this whole thing possible.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Episode 33 - Anagnorisis: Gilead Media Fest

Anagnorisis is another band I saw this past summer at the Gilead Media Fest.  They were a last minute fill in when Inter Arma dropped off the bill last minute.  Because of this, I was unable to arrange an interview at the fest, and in fact just completed the interview with Samuel Hartman this afternoon (Sunday).  The band actually played on the first day of the festival, with the second day starting out with last week's interview Protestant, so I'm back tracking in order a bit in posting this now.  Talking with Sam was a really cool experience and I ended up with an interview almost 45 minutes long.  Hopefully you'll be as intrigued as I was as this means less music and more talking this week.  Since all of the releases from Anagnorisis are available under Creative Commons license, I'll also play songs from the three older release to give you a picture of the evolution of the band.   In spirit of one of (in my opinion) the best modern USBM bands, I'll be playing mostly black metal this week.  I hope you enjoy.

Anagnorisis Website
Anagnorisis Bandcamp
Anagnorisis Facebook

  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00 
  2. cut by Dakhma from s/t  CC - BY - NC - ND 2:27 
  3. Excrucio by Hexis from Primitive Man / Hexis Split 10"  CC - BY - NC  6:37 
  4. Dust Collector by Cara Neir from Portals to a Better, Dead World  CC - BY - NC - ND  14:49 
  5. Delusion by Protestant from In Thy Name  CC - BY - NC  21:01 
  6. Steubenville by Recreant from Still Burn  CC - BY - NC  25:14 
  7. Shallow by Ancst from split w/ Smuteční slavnost  CC - BY - NC - SA  27:35 
  8. Chain Reaction by RAGANA from Unbecoming  CC - BY - NC - SA  30:42 
  9. The last cry of nature / Part I by axidance from split w/ abyssal & doomsday & rivers run dry (cd) 2011  CC - BY - NC - ND  33:43 
  10. Our Fate, Written By The Constellations by Frostbitten from Danse! For Macabre Shall Come  CC - BY - SA  40:05 
  11. Overton Trees by Anagnorisis from Overton Trees  CC - BY - NC - ND  50:35 
  12. Shadow of the Adversary by Anagnorisis from Alpha and Omega  CC - BY - NC - ND  53:33 
  13. Only Suffering is Free by Anagnorisis from Ghosts of Our Fathers  CC - BY - NC - ND  57:46 
  14. Forever Night by Anagnorisis from Beyond All Light  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:02:34 
  15. Interview with Samuel Hartman of Anagnorisis  1:11:48 
  16. This Cursed Blood by Anagnorisis from Beyond All Light  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:55:22 
  17. Violet by Deafheaven from Roads To Judah  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:01:14 
  18. The Drums Pound Every Night in a Glorious Celebration on Life by Skagos from Ást  CC - BY   2:13:33 
  19. The Rising - All Is Sorrow Pt 2 by Catapult The Dead from All Is Sorrow  CC - BY - NC - ND   2:28:22 
  20. Part III: We Can Descend Into The Unknown by The Canyon Observer from Chapter II: These Binds Will Set You Free  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:32:26 
  21. Resurrection by Psygnosis from Human Be[ing]  CC - BY  2:41:39 
  22. A Hymn For The Dead (From Political Violence) by FaceOfAnother from The Crows Will Accompany Us To The End Of Times  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:51:50 
  23. Blasphemy by Ab Eterno from Forever Black Metal, possesed my heart  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:54:56 
  24. A dark_monkey le gustan los machotes musculosos by Josemaki Grind Orchestra from Zona Zerapia  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:58:58 
I hope you enjoyed.  Remember to support your local and underground metal scenes.  Shoot me an email ( to let me know what you think of the show.