Sunday, October 5, 2014

Episode 33 - Anagnorisis: Gilead Media Fest

Anagnorisis is another band I saw this past summer at the Gilead Media Fest.  They were a last minute fill in when Inter Arma dropped off the bill last minute.  Because of this, I was unable to arrange an interview at the fest, and in fact just completed the interview with Samuel Hartman this afternoon (Sunday).  The band actually played on the first day of the festival, with the second day starting out with last week's interview Protestant, so I'm back tracking in order a bit in posting this now.  Talking with Sam was a really cool experience and I ended up with an interview almost 45 minutes long.  Hopefully you'll be as intrigued as I was as this means less music and more talking this week.  Since all of the releases from Anagnorisis are available under Creative Commons license, I'll also play songs from the three older release to give you a picture of the evolution of the band.   In spirit of one of (in my opinion) the best modern USBM bands, I'll be playing mostly black metal this week.  I hope you enjoy.

Anagnorisis Website
Anagnorisis Bandcamp
Anagnorisis Facebook

  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00 
  2. cut by Dakhma from s/t  CC - BY - NC - ND 2:27 
  3. Excrucio by Hexis from Primitive Man / Hexis Split 10"  CC - BY - NC  6:37 
  4. Dust Collector by Cara Neir from Portals to a Better, Dead World  CC - BY - NC - ND  14:49 
  5. Delusion by Protestant from In Thy Name  CC - BY - NC  21:01 
  6. Steubenville by Recreant from Still Burn  CC - BY - NC  25:14 
  7. Shallow by Ancst from split w/ Smuteční slavnost  CC - BY - NC - SA  27:35 
  8. Chain Reaction by RAGANA from Unbecoming  CC - BY - NC - SA  30:42 
  9. The last cry of nature / Part I by axidance from split w/ abyssal & doomsday & rivers run dry (cd) 2011  CC - BY - NC - ND  33:43 
  10. Our Fate, Written By The Constellations by Frostbitten from Danse! For Macabre Shall Come  CC - BY - SA  40:05 
  11. Overton Trees by Anagnorisis from Overton Trees  CC - BY - NC - ND  50:35 
  12. Shadow of the Adversary by Anagnorisis from Alpha and Omega  CC - BY - NC - ND  53:33 
  13. Only Suffering is Free by Anagnorisis from Ghosts of Our Fathers  CC - BY - NC - ND  57:46 
  14. Forever Night by Anagnorisis from Beyond All Light  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:02:34 
  15. Interview with Samuel Hartman of Anagnorisis  1:11:48 
  16. This Cursed Blood by Anagnorisis from Beyond All Light  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:55:22 
  17. Violet by Deafheaven from Roads To Judah  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:01:14 
  18. The Drums Pound Every Night in a Glorious Celebration on Life by Skagos from Ást  CC - BY   2:13:33 
  19. The Rising - All Is Sorrow Pt 2 by Catapult The Dead from All Is Sorrow  CC - BY - NC - ND   2:28:22 
  20. Part III: We Can Descend Into The Unknown by The Canyon Observer from Chapter II: These Binds Will Set You Free  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:32:26 
  21. Resurrection by Psygnosis from Human Be[ing]  CC - BY  2:41:39 
  22. A Hymn For The Dead (From Political Violence) by FaceOfAnother from The Crows Will Accompany Us To The End Of Times  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:51:50 
  23. Blasphemy by Ab Eterno from Forever Black Metal, possesed my heart  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:54:56 
  24. A dark_monkey le gustan los machotes musculosos by Josemaki Grind Orchestra from Zona Zerapia  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:58:58 
I hope you enjoyed.  Remember to support your local and underground metal scenes.  Shoot me an email ( to let me know what you think of the show.

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