Saturday, November 30, 2013

Episode 13 - Blackened Friday Part 1

I tried to put together a massive playlist of Black Metal and Blackened subgenres to provide an alternative to the corporate zombie nightmare that is Black Friday in the United States.  Seriously, if you are out shopping on that day, you are doing it wrong.  You're feeding the corporatocracy that has created or at least strengthened the class system in this nation.  Time to help make it stop.  I response, I wanted to provide a playlist of misanthropic and anti-corporate mayhem.  Due to other commitments and technical difficulties, I didn't get it up in time.  I apologize.  Next year I'll start earlier, and hopefully provide some rants as well.  Given the them, I am forgoing my normal opening music, but rest assured, Santa Marta Golden will be back when I get this out of my system.  I think I will end up with three of these.  I hope you enjoy.  As always, comments are welcome.
  1. Face Of Capital by Iskra from Selected Works  CC - BY - NC - ND 0:00  Here is the opening verse to this song: 
    "One fact concerning capitalism which could be held as true
    It has sold the mass of people a deep belief in its values
    Americans defend state policy, regardless of cost or of peril
    A million lives, a million lies to preserve their false ideals"  
  2. On the broken rocks of despair by axidance from split w/ заводь (cd/tape) 2011  2:59  CC - BY - NC - ND  This song is from a split release benefiting the Anarchist Black Cross.
  3. Yaldabaoth by Cathar Eclipse from Deus Ex Hominis  CC - BY - NC - ND 12:22   "Look around you/Imperfection devours the world/A land of filth/Gnawing minds/Accepting rules told by fools/Has led you to the path/You thought you were against."
  4. Preludio by Adam Van Maledict from Notturno 11  CC - BY - NC  15:57  This band makes a point to state on their Bandcamp that they are against any form of Nazi-fascism and racism.
  5. Dementia by Ekove Efrits from Hypermnesia  CC - BY - NC  17:27  The song title says it all...collective dementia must be setting in for the Black Friday madness to occur.
  6. The End of All (The Descent - Finale) by Vermiform from Of Chaos and the Void  CC - BY - NC - ND  19:05   This is from a concept album whose theme is the end of all time and space.
  7. The Face of the Waters by Book of Sand from The Face of the Waters  CC - BY - NC - SA  28:14   Experimental Black Metal focusing on themes of anarchy, feminism, veganism, and anti-racism.
  8. Fits and Starts by Book of Sand from Mourning Star  CC - BY - NC - SA  32:59  Might as well double up on the weirdness.  A fan describes this as "Apocalyptic to say the least."
  9. Individuation by Obsidian Tongue from A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time  CC - BY - NC  42:51  From the Bandcamp page:  "...[an] introspective journey through the collective unconsious of Man and the dark half of the emotional spectrum;..."
  10. The Art of Dreaming by DYSPHORIA from LISTEN TO THE SMOKE  CC - BY - NC - ND  51:26  Dysphoria is a term meaning unhappiness or mild depression.
  11. Censura by Heretica from Ominia Sunt Communia  CC - BY - NC - SA  54:13  The song title means "censorship".
  12. Hymn of the Deep by OLD FOREST from The Kingdom Of Darkness (demo)  CC - BY - NC - ND  56:31  How about The Lord of the Rings as a cornucopia of themes for a Black Metal band.
  13. R-COMPLEX by NUTRITION from DUSK OF THE HUNTER I  CC - BY  1:01:42   The entire lyrics are as follows:  "Agression!/Dominance!/Territory!/Ritual!"  That sounds like Black Friday to me.
  14. Walk With Seasons by Ekove Efrits from Hypermnesia  CC - BY - NC  1:06:54  Dipping back into this Hypnotic Dirge album.
  15. Desuetudo by ENERGY LEVEL LOW from 634  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:12:10  Industrial Black Metal
  16. A Funnel of Silk by Forgotten Cairns from A Funnel of Silk (Single)  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:18:13  Taking the exceptionally deadly Sydney Funnelweb spider as inspiration for this song.
  17. Solitary Death by A.V.D.L. from Desolation  CC - BY - SA  1:24:20   Described as a one-man torture metal project from Japan.
  18. In A Pursuit of Death by Internal Cold from EP 2013  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:31:17  Just read the song-title...kind of what you're doing when you try to shop at Walmart on Black Friday?
  19. BRING ME THE HEAD OF METATRON (master) by JALDABOATH from Hark the Herald  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:39:24   Why not bring a little humor to the party?
  20. Amaranthine Figures by Cara Neir from Stagnant Perceptions  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:43:52   Themes according to include post-apocalyptic, mental unrest, addiction, regression.  What is this society addicted to?
  21. Five Hundred Years by Cathar Eclipse from Deus Ex Hominis  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:48:29   Go to and read the lyrics.  I think the band might be a little angry.
  22. Twilight in the Forest Of Suicide by Cursed Altar from The Footsteps We Have Left Behind: Discography [2011 - 2013]  CC - BY- NC  1:52:12   Twilight in the Forest of Suicide I think refers to when you set up your tent outside Best Buy.
  23. Aftermath of Illusions by Maleficus Angelus from Fall of Man CC - BY - NC  1:57:36   I submit the album title as explanation.
  24. Spark / November 13th cover by axidance from split w/ e123 & ground zero (cd) 2009  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:04:19   This split release was to support an orphanage.
  25. Bearded Mangoat of the Bloodhills by Gromkult from Grim Wizard Over A Smoky Cauldron  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:05:54   Blasphemy is one of the listed themes.  To me, our culture of corporate worship is blasphemy.
  26. Dominus by Aethyr from Ave A  CC – BY – NC – ND  2:12:01  A project focusing on occultism.
  27. Hætt við by GHOST from Sirona Mixtape #7  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:24:47  A rare black metal track from a mostly electronic netlabel.
  28. Smaug (The Destroyer) by ORCRYPT from The Mirkwood Massacre  CC - BY- NC - ND  2:26:53   Just in time for the movie.
  29. I: Limbo by Hollow Blackness from Principles Of Naraku  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:32:23   The song title is suggestive of the state of our society.
  30. Tremble by A Cackle or a Coughing Fit from Keep The Lights Burning  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:34:36   Apparently inspired by the artist spending time in a train tunnel.
  31. Descending Into Eternal Warfare by Frostbitten form S/T  CC - BY - SA  2:41:05  The future of our society?
  32. VI: Heresy by Hollow Blackness from Principles Of Naraku  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:45:53   I'm sure there are those who would find it heresy that I am speaking the way I am.
  33. Prisoners Of Conscience by Iskra from Selected Works  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:47:36   This band speaks the way I think.  Take the time to read the lyrics.
  34. Destruction, not Reformation by Book of Sand from How Beautiful to Walk Free  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:50:00  Are these our choices?
  35. They died because of you by axidance from split w/ abyssal & doomsday & rivers run dry (cd) 2011  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:55:07  Another benefit for the Anarchist Black Cross.  This is one of my favorite Black Metal bands.
  36. Where Trees Are Withered by OLD FOREST from The Kingdom Of Darkness (demo)  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:59:46   More Lord of the Rings.
  37. Promeni Me - Live by Intakt from Bacite Ih Zverima + Live In Club Fest  CC - BY - NC - SA  3:03:27  Lovely Blackened Crust.
  38. Desolation by A.V.D.L. from Desolation  CC - BY - SA  3:05:18  More torture metal.
  39. Battle For Humanity by NUTRITION from AGGLOMERATION [2009-2012]  CC - BY  3:08:08   Which side are you on?
  40. Crawling through Sand, Crawling through Earth by Book of Sand from How Beautiful to Walk Free  CC - BY - NC - SA  3:20:15   So, I made this playlist by loading my mp3 player with Black Metal and hitting shuffle.  I just realized that I have four Book of Sand songs in four hours.
  41. Anarchic (side B) by Skagos from Anarchic  CC - BY  3:25:21   I love this band.  
  42. Laos-Fantasmi by Heretica from Ominia Sunt Communia  CC - BY - NC - SA  3:43:28  Almost there...
  43. withheld blessings by Munkie Poo from Make a Change...Kill A Redhead & Munkie Poo split  CC - BY - NC - SA  3:44:18   Desolate, ambient,...a good way to end this week.
I hope you enjoyed.  Part II will be next week.  Let me know what you think.

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