Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Episode 8 - Grindcore Sandwich

I start this one with two pieces of Grindcore bread and 7 layers of Hardcore meat.  Let me know what your favorite tracks are.
  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00
  2. Desidia by 466/64 from 10'' Split with Under Vultures  CC - BY - NC  2:27  Grindcore released by Nooirax Productions, a net label from Spain.
  3. Fight Back by Masakari from Fight Back EP  CC - BY - NC - SA  3:20  Hardcore from the gritty city of Cleveland, Ohio.  This is the entire EP, which they have up on their Bandcamp as one track.  I think I count 5 separate tracks.  How about you?
  4. The Forest by Enemy Noise from No Control, No Parade EP  CC - BY - SA  9:53  Long Beach, California hardcore band.
  5. Machine by Ananda from Profane  CC - BY - NC - SA  14:36  Hardcore from France, although there is a lot of disagreements in the comments on their page as to whether they are actually hardcore.  What do you think?  I personally don't care much about the labels if I like the music...and I do.
  6. Bez wdzięczności by NO SE from Bez wdzięczności  CC - BY - NC - SA  18:56  This is from an earlier album than what I've been playing the last couple of weeks.
  7. See It Through [Your Weakness] by By Any Means from By Any Means (Demo EP)  CC - BY - NC - ND  20:44  Irish hardcore. 
  8. Profil Bas by Checkmate from D'Or Et D'Acier  CC - BY - SA  24:26  More French hardcore.
  9. No Justification for War by The Symbioz from Unpromising Pictures of Today  CC - BY - NC - ND  31:16  With the help of Google Translate (of the lyrics), I think this is anti-war Russian hardcore. 
  10. Teethgrinder by Teething from Split 12"  CC - BY - NC - ND  36:11  More grindcore from Nooirax Productions.  They do release more than grindcore though.
  11. The Human Burden by Atheos from Irish Metal Archive:  The First Wave  CC - BY - NC - ND  36:25 
  12. A Face on the Water by Sedulity from The Valley of Dying Stars  CC - BY - NC - ND  42:33  Later on, I play Tony C.  He is apparently the driving force behind this project as well.
  13. Dreams: Romancing My Own Demise by Lascaille's Shroud from Interval 01: Parallel Infinities , The Inner Universe  CC - BY - NC - ND  46:41 What an interesting piece of music.  Progressive death metal from St. Petersburg.  There is a comment left on the Bandcamp page by none other than Tony C.
  14. A sight to behold by We Are Guilty from Demo v1.1  CC - BY - NC - SA  52:37  Shares a member with All:My:Faults.
  15. Ordinary Story by The Neologist from IN FLAMES We Trust: Volume I  CC - BY  57:02  Probably my favorite death metal project.
  16. Religious Wars by Coldwar from Whore Bred & Hell Raised (2002)  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:01:00  Old, raw, Irish...seems to be a pretty good combination.  There's a lot of punk in this death metal.
  17. Terminally Ill by Last Breath from Mind's Eye (Demo 1992)  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:03:04  More from the Irish Metal Archive.
  18. Veins Of The Earth by The State Pathologist... from Intoxicated Vol.2  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:06:43  And more...
  19. Slaughtering by Condemned from Prelude (2000)  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:12:36  And more...
  20. Reign Of Darkness by Carnun Rising from Intoxicated Vol.2  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:17:26  And even more...
  21. High by Armaroth from False Vision EP  CC - BY - NC - SA   1:22:30  Another favorite death metal band.
  22. Vigilance by Impostüre from Impostüre / Effigy in the Mausoleum  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:26:07  This weeks first play from Glossalalia Productions, home of many of my favorites.  The other side of this split is apparently entirely improvised.
  23. Shadows Cast by MABUS 666 from MABUS 666 - PROFIT (Demo 2002)  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:28:36  Back to some Irish metal.
  24. Undead Rising by Vermiform from Everlasting Horror  CC - BY - NC - ND  1:25:13  So how many projects is this guy Tony C involved with?
  25. The Masquerade King by Serpenthia from Sindicate  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:38:31  A definite favorite black metal band.  Something about those Scandinavian bands (these guys are from Finland)...
  26. Ganon by Dampé's Keep from Dampé's Keep  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:43:16
  27. Black Hole In Human Form by Obsidian Tongue from A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time  CC - BY - NC  1:46:59  A very interesting black metal project on Hypnotic Dirge I only recently discovered.  I like it.  What do you think?
  28. Fuselage by Earthenwomb from Fuselage/Hilt/Transom/Antiemetic  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:55:33  Noise!  Beautiful, beautiful noise from one of the members of Banewreaker.
  29. Forged for Destruction by Mortal Plague from Omens  CC - BY - NC - SA  1:59:23  Quality symphonic black metal.  Started as a one man project, but has grown into a full band to be able to play live.
  30. Nocturnal Waltz by Galaktik Cancer Squad from The Gathering  CC - BY - NC  2:05:14  Another black metal band from Hypnotic Dirge, this one a one man project.
  31. Devout by Aeolus from Devout  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:15:49  If I'm remembering my first interview correctly, this is the band that went through a line up change and morphed into Banewreaker.
  32. Pilvm° by NAVTILVS from Polaris°  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:20:12  According to the Bandcamp page, the band broke up in 2011.  That's really too bad, as I'd love to hear more.
  33. Rotten Hollow by Black Forest from Black Forest  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:27:04  This stuff is raw!!!  That's a compliment, in my opinion.  If this is how they do black metal in New Zealand, I need to find more.
  34. Preuzmi Odgovornost - Live by Intakt from Bacite Ih Zverima + Live In Club Fest  CC - BY - NC - SA  2:29:39  I usually don't like live recordings, but this one is pretty well done.  From the "A World We Never Made" net label.
  35. Apocalypse Death Attack by Iskra from Iskra/Mankillsman  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:31:54  I can't tell you how huge a fan I am of Iskra.  Read their lyrics...seriously.  Very political.  Very much how I see the world.
  36. Binarism by Teenage Suicide from Volume 2  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:33:16
  37. Rise Of A Restless Man by The Nail from Imperfection  CC – BY - ND  2:35:01  Time to switch to some thrash goodness.
  38. Marionetas by Kain from Revelaciones  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:38:26
  39. Media Affliction by Project: Roenwolfe from Neverwhere Dreamscape  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:42:21  Must be Tony C day.  This is another of his projects...
  40. Blut vom Himmel by Judicator from Sleepy Plessow  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:46:46  ...as is this.  Judicator is apparently now a full band though.
  41. Misanthropia 2: Eternal Darkness by Obsidian Shell from Angelic Asylum  CC - BY - NC - ND  2:58:29 
  42. Pour in my Brain by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  3:08:38  Another one of the many moods of the creators of my theme song.  I think one day I need to travel to Granada, Spain, just to see this band live.  (or they could come to Michigan.  That would be cool too)
  43. I Want You Dead by Returning We Hear the Larks from Scattered Fragments of a Past Forgotten: Old Songs Reborn  CC - BY - SA  3:11:15  Jak Noble takes unused bits of songs he has written in the past and creates magic!
  44. Firmamentum by Tony C from The Existential Frame  CC - BY - NC - ND  3:13:41  Hey look...a Tony C project!
  45. Maloik (The Sign) by Judd Madden from Doomgroove  CC - BY - NC  3:17:44
  46. V by Windbruch from Silentium!  CC - BY - SA  3:25:07  Atmospheric black metal from Russia, released on Hypnotic Dirge.
  47. B.N.F. by RAGANA from All's Lost  CC - BY - NC - SA  3:32:52  I recently exchanged a couple of emails with this band.  (I wanted to let them know what a big fan I am and that I was playing their music)  They answered, saying they couldn't listen to the show, because they live in the woods.  That is awesome!!!!!!!!!
  48. Through the Waves by Truthseeker from Weightless at Dawn  CC - BY - NC  3:37:36
  49. (I) by Mankeulv from Rituals for abandonment of the self  CC - BY - NC - ND  3:42:36  Mankeulv is also involved with Teenage Suicide, which I played earlier.
  50. Kamikaze Virtuel by Lambda Shaman from EP  CC - BY - NC - ND  3:43:48  There appears to be manga on the album cover.
  51. Scin by I:Scintilla from Havestar  CC - BY - NC - ND  3:48:28
  52. Uletaj Na Kryljah Vetra (Fly Away On the Wings Of the Wind) by Risha from Leto (Summer)  CC - BY - NC - SA  3:52:58  Folk and industrial music always make an interesting mix.
  53. rome by Titfit from titfit  CC - BY - NC  3:56:17
  54. Labelled Inferior by Restarts from Intoxicated Vol.2  CC - BY - NC - ND  3:57:33  Did I really play 3 songs from this comp?  I guess I did.
I hope you enjoyed tonight's episode.  Remember to support your scene and I'll see you next week.

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