Monday, December 15, 2014

Episode 41 - Punk Rock Rage

There has been much going on recently, so my into may drag on a bit.  To begin, I'd like to reference some national events.  Those in the United States should be aware already that there have been multiple incidents in recents months where young black men have died at the hands of police officers.  In two recent cases, the officers involved in the deaths of both Michael Brown and Eric Garner were not indicted for their actions.  To my mind, the situation has evolved to the point where black men are fair game to become police targets (or in the case of Trayvon Martin, vigilante targets).  Statistically, black men are much more likely to be arrested in the United States and also more likely to be injured or killed during interactions with police.  This must end!  In light of my anger at this situation, I have prepared a rage-filled episode of crust, hardcore, and of the revolution.

On a happier, more local scale, I had the opportunity last night to see Dakhma live (a band that a interviewed a few weeks ago).  It was unfortunately the final (for now) performance of the band as a four-piece.  Bassist John Cates is moving on to other endeavors.  It was clear in talking to the band last night that the split is amicable.  John will be pursuing a career as a photographer, specifically photographing other bands.  I wish him well and will post a link to his blog when I have it.  In terms of a live performance, the band put on a show.  After a mellow start, they raised the intensity.  Singer Claire especially brought the manic energy to a fever pitch.  In his last show, John played bass pacing like a madman.  The guitars and drums were both tight, but visually in the background more than the other two.  The band played several new songs, and I'm excited for what is coming.  Hopefully, we'll see it recorded and on the air here soon.  I wish them well in their life as a three-piece however long it lasts.
  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA 0:00 
  2. bricks by Dakhma from s/t  CC - BY - NC - ND 2:27 
  3. Famine by Arroyo Deathmatch from Through the Fear of It  CC - BY - NC - SA 6:01 
  4. UNA BALA MAS 3 by Accidente from Amistad y rebelion  CC - BY - NC - ND 11:38 
  5. Adhere by Black Monolith from Passenger  CC - BY - NC - ND 14:34 
  6. The Spectacle by Recreant from Still Burn  CC - BY - NC 22:52 
  7. Pitiful Human Bindings by Cara Neir from Split with Venowl  CC - BY - NC - ND 27:37 
  8. Desmembrado by El Hambre from Split EP El Hambre  CC - BY - NC - ND 33:22 
  10. Part 1 by Anopheli from A Hunger Rarely Sated CC - BY - NC 38:29 
  11. Cries Of Agony & Worldwide Apocalypse by Discover from Crimes Of Humanity  CC- BY 52:30 
  12. environmental rape by BLUDGEONED from no future for mankind  CC - BY - NC - SA 54:43 
  13. Early Burial by cetascean from Imperial Decline (split LP with AHNA)  CC - BY - NC - SA 1:01:37 
  14. Stacking Bills by Corporate Hearts from Deathwishers EP  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:06:20 
  15. Shallow by Ancst from split w/ Smuteční slavnost  CC - BY - NC - SA 1:09:58 
  16. I Regret To Say I Can't Attend The Funeral by Gorgon from Weapons of Construction  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:13:06 
  17. Control by CrisisChrist from Split EP El Hambre  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:14:58 
  18. Again and again by Diswar from The world in flames  CC - BY - NC 1:15:46 
  19. Die Welt in der wir sterben by Unru from PARAMNESIA / UNRU  CC - BY - NC - SA 1:18:55 
  20. What's The Nature by Life from The World Lies Across Them LP  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:31:34 
  21. Ruins by HOLY from Seclusion MMXIV  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:33:37 
  22. Waste by Attrition from Demo  CC - BY - NC - SA 1:35:18 
  23. Mental Torpor by IDNS from s/t  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:36:53 
  24. Foment by Banewreaker from Banewreaker  CC - BY - NC - SA 1:38:45 
  25. My Country Tis Of Thy People by Iskra from Bring The War Home  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:43:44 
  26. Blood by Protestant from In Thy Name  CC - BY - NC 1:53:15 
  27. Mech Retaliation by Frail Vessel from Frail Vessel  CC - BY - NC - ND 1:57:34 
  28. Útek / Návrat by The Citadel from split The Citadel / Tyrell's Owl  CC - BY - NC - SA 1:58:39 
  29. Ode to Joshua Slocum by Rail Yard Ghosts from Blackgrass   CC - BY - ND 2:00:53 
  30. Intet Håb, Intet Liv by Parasight from Munden Fuld Af Løgn, Lommen Fuld Af Profit  CC - BY 2:05:56 
  31. New  Pages by Fox Reactions  from Weapons of Construction  CC - BY - NC - ND 2:09:06 
  32. Querer la libertad by DUELO from Discografía 2012-2013  CC - BY - NC 2:11:26 
  33. Heart and mind by DRIP OF LIES from DRIP OF LIES / RIVERS RUN DRY split EP CC - BY - NC 2:13:15 
  34. Dolina Gneva by Intakt from Bacite Ih Zverima + Live In Club Fest  CC - BY - NC - SA 2:19:48 
  35. Faust by AngoracoiD from Bello...come una chiesa che brucia  CC - BY - NC - SA 2:23:47 
  36. Wealth Is Not What You Own by Moro Moro Land from Kurouma / Moro Moro Land split  CC - BY - NC - ND 2:25:21 
  37. Ca craint by NIPPERCREEP from Combustion  CC - BY - NC - SA 2:31:12 
  38. Popol A Prach by Adacta from Jonestown / Adacta split LP  CC - BY 2:32:55 
  39. Fire by Avvika from S/T 12"  CC - BY - NC - SA 2:36:23 
  40. Tarnished // Into the Wasteland // We're All Guilty // Curse thy Wicked Sun by they eat their own god from demonstration  CC - BY - NC 2:52:25 
Thanks for listening.  Look out for each other out there in the world.  We have only each other to count on.  This music brings us together.  Let it mean something more.

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