Monday, June 23, 2014

Episode 28 - Hypnotic Dirge Feature Part 1

Due to technical details, this playlist is still missing times and isn't linked yet.  I'm posting it now so you can see what's playing tonight and will fix ASAP.

As of today, 8/29/2014, all links are active.  I will be uploading and posting a link to the archived version of the episode, as well as writing a blog with information regarding the near future of the show later tonight (I hope).  Good things are coming.  Thanks for your patience through my technical difficulties.

This week I am taking a look the netlabel Hypnotic Dirge Records, specifically the artists and albums featured on their Bandcamp page.  I've chosen one song from each album (more if the album was a split so that each band is represented) so that you can have a taste of the label.  I made it about halfway through the roster, so there will likely be at least one more episode with later albums coming soon.  Next week however, I'll be taking a different tack as I build an episode around an interview I (finally) managed to complete with Mel Arise, the lead singer of the band Santa Marta Golden.  As they start almost every one of my shows with the song Yi, I've really been wanting to get this one done.
  1. Yi by Santa Marta Golden from El Fallo Humano  CC - BY - NC - SA  0:00 
  2. Blashyrkh Mighty Ravendark (Immortal Tribute) by Funeral in Heaven from Shanthikarma [Live EP ; 2010]  CC - BY - SA  2:27
  3. Shadows Ensnare Me by Winds of Sorrow from Through Twilight...  CC - BY - NC  7:31 
  4. 11.9 by Ekove Efrits from Hypermnesia  CC - BY - NC  15:01 
  5. Cast into the Shade by Deprived of Light from Coloured Death  CC - BY - NC  20:21 
  6. green jade by stroszek from a break in the day EP  CC - BY - NC  26:24 
  7. Oceans of Piss and Blood by Galaktik Cancer Squad from The Gathering  CC - BY - NC  30:55 
  8. Shadows Ensnare Me by Élan O'Neal from Subterranean Cartography  CC - BY - NC  37:41 
  9. Permafrost by Truthseeker from Weightless at Dawn  CC - BY - NC  45:11 
  10. I by Depicting Abysm from Silentium!  CC - BY - SA  52:18 
  11. VI by Windbruch from Silentium!  CC - BY - SA  1:03:28 
  12. IX by Gmork from Silentium!  CC - BY - SA  1:09:18 
  13. Spine by Australasia from Sin4tr4  CC - BY - NC  1:13:49 
  14. Enter the Void by netra ft. We'rewolves from Dreading Consciousness  CC - BY - NC  1:18:08 
  15. Into the Heart of Night by Obsidian Tongue from Volume I: Subradiant Architecture  CC - BY - NC  1:25:11 
  16. Binaural Vibrancy by Astral Luminous from Lunaric Tide  CC - BY - NC  1:34:38 
  17. Never Let a Flower Adorn my Grave by Funeral Fornication from Solitude and Suicide  CC - BY - NC  1:47:10 
  18. Neath the Oppressing Moonlight by Exiled From Light from Descending Further into Nothingness  CC - BY - NC  1:59:49 
  19. Five Birds Defied the Winds by Old Forgotten Lands from Equinox  CC - BY - NC  2:08:33 
  20. And Silence Finally Prevails... by Ancient Tundra from Equinox  CC - BY - NC  2:15:28 
  21. As I Remember by Symbiosis from These Engulfing Winds Never Die  CC - BY - NC  2:22:32 
  22. The Essence Of Hope, Drained by Exiled From Light from There Is No Beauty Left Here...   CC - BY - NC  2:25:58 
  23. Esperit Nosible by The Foetal Mind from The Grand Contraction  CC - BY - NC  2:39:44 
  24. Outside...Alone by netra from Mélancolie urbaine  CC - BY - NC  2:46:40 
  25. Transgression Pt. II : Ad Mortem by Funeral Fornication from Pandemic Transgression  CC - BY - NC 2:55:54 
Thanks for listening.  I know this was a different kind of episode with some music I don't normally play, but I wanted to give you a fuller picture of the label.  Check them out here.  They have more available than just what's on their Bandcamp including a distribution deal with a Russian label.

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